One-Song Reunion, moving forward….

It’s Friday evening, the 24th of June, 2013.  I (Jeremy) just returned from Paul’s house after practicing “Short Attention Span” with John, Paul, and Sean.  It’s the first time John, Paul, and I have played that song together since probably early 1996 or late ’95; some 17/18 years ago.  It was a thrill.  And Sean is doing a great job standing in for Scott!

We also kicked around some other old songs banging around our memories, but the main focus was preparation for our “One-Song, 3/4 D&T Reunion” on the 29th at the Token Lounge (as I described in this earlier post).  Now, how do we talk Scott into coming back to a song or two?

Thanks guys…

See you at the show…







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