A Death And Taxes Reunion Show?

Believe it. With much prodding from Craig, we have all agreed that it should happen. Now the logistics…

First, we decided it should be at the Token. Also we need a set list so we can RE-learn the songs. We agreed that Scott will fly in for a practice before the show. Paul and Jeremy will figure out the guitar parts, then get together with John….

However, in the meantime, an actual “3/4 Reunion” actually happened.  It was all because Euphoric Haze (of which John and Paul are members) was playing the same night as GrouperSoup (of which Jeremy is a member).  We couldn’t *not* make this happen.  So John, Paul, and Jeremy got together for a couple brief practices with the very gracious and awesome Sean (also of Euphoric Haze) and tossed together a couple songs for the show.  Thanks guys!

Now, will we do this again…?


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