A 1-Song, 3/4-band, D & T Reuinion…?

Looks like Paul, John, and I (Jeremy) will be doing what can only be described as a “partial” Death And Taxes Reunion.

As it turns out, Euphoric Haze (John and Paul’s band), Grouper Soup (Jeremy’s band) and PaperBag (also Jeremy’s band) and others will all be playing the same show, known as “Chris’ Bachelor Party” on the 29th of June. And since the 3 of us will be there, we reached out together and are going to try and do 1 Death And Taxes song during the ‘Haze’s set, likely with help from our good friend Sean (of Euphoric Haze) on Bass!

Of course, this is all an embryo of an idea, and many things aren’t fleshed out yet:

  1. We have an idea of which song it will be, but not 101% sure
  2. We haven’t even reached out to original bass-player Scott yet, to see if he could/would actually be interested
  3. We’ll have to figure out logistics of practicing it together, blowing years of dust off it
  4. I’ll have to borrow a guitar amp for the show, since I really only have bass gear anymore

…but all that is trivial and I’m pretty jazzed.  It looks like I’ll be playing in 3 bands that night, but it’ll be quite a treat all around.

June 29th at the Token Lounge…

Stay tuned…









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