Trying to figure this out

Hey J,.. I finally got to this D&T site to check it out…

Pretty cool… When are you and Paulie getting together to learn the tunes. Some of those songs were complicated but cool.

That would even be sweet if you guys did it with quirky the drum machine. You are the only band that I have ever seen do that. that was pretty original back then…. Maybe you guys were too ahead of your time….







3 responses to “Trying to figure this out”

  1. jeremy Avatar

    Drum machine?
    John, you’re the dude that *replaced* the drum machine, and that was for a reason….
    I could play with the drum machine any time… I want to hear you do those beats…

    Paul… right… Paul…. Gotta get with Paul….

  2. Craig Avatar

    Get the ball rolling already!

  3. Ed Avatar

    Indeed… roll that ball!

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